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The summer months can be hard on outdoor plants as rainfall becomes less regular later in the Ontario summer. Hand watering helps but can be time consuming, ineffective due to missed coverage and doesn't account for any vacation time you might have planned for the summer. No problem, once your irrigation system is programmed, it will run itself. Precisely at the scheduled time, your lawn and garden areas will get the attention they need to stand up to the hot summer sun.

Irrigation systems are easy to use, long-lasting, and a water efficient way to protect the health of your living landscape. Groff Landscaping uses the best quality products on the market to deliver the best results. Our systems provide excellent ground coverage and simulate the even
distribution of natural rainfall. 

Most commercial and residential irrigation systems are “in ground” systems, which means that everything is buried in the ground. All of the pipes, sprinklers, and irrigation valves are hidden to create a cleaner, more presentable landscape without garden hoses or other items having to
be moved around manually.


Irrigation systems are usually divided into zones. A zone is a single irrigation valve and a group of sprinklers that are connected by pipes. Irrigation systems are divided into zones because there isn't always enough water pressure and flow to run sprinklers for an entire yard at once.
Each zone has a solenoid valve on it that is controlled via wire by an irrigation controller.

When a zone comes on, the water flows through the underground pipes and ultimately ends up at the sprinkler heads. The sprinklers are usually installed with the top of the head flush with the ground surface. When the water is pressurized, the head will pop up out of the ground and
water the desired area until the valve closes and shuts off that zone. Once there is no more water pressure in the pipe, the sprinkler head will retract back into the ground, and out of sight.


The first step to getting an efficient water saving sprinkler system installed is to contact Groff Landscaping for a FREE quote. We schedule a site visit with you to come out, inspect your green space, and calculating where sprinkler heads will be needed. We factor in different types of spray heads for lawns and gardens, but also layout different zones to be compliant with by-laws to allow watering gardens more often than lawns.

Groff Landscaping has installed many irrigation systems in the Durham, York, and the surrounding GTA. Our quality workmanship, commitment to excellence along with the reliability and durability of your automatic irrigation system is second to none. The sprinklers we use are produced by leading manufacturers, with pop-up design to retract into the ground (and out of sight) when not operating. The system is fully automatic and equipped with a multi-function timer.

After installing your irrigation system, Groff Landscaping will also offer maintenance programs on the system, including spring start up and fall shut down to take all your worries away. Give us a call to book your meeting and know that soon your outdoor living space will be looked
after to give yourself more time to enjoy it!

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