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Professional Lighting: Practical, Seductive, Gorgeous

Landscape lighting lets you enjoy the beauty of your outdoor setting during the evening hours, night after night! In addition to its many safety and security benefits, landscape lighting can significantly expand your living space while extending your time for recreation, relaxation, and entertaining outdoors.

You will gain an extraordinary appreciation and find outdoor living enhanced by
subtle shade, shadow, and colour from an outdoor lighting system. Whether simple, with only a few fixtures, or more complex, with many
different kinds of fixtures for different effects, low-voltage lighting systems can dramatically increase the appeal and use of your gardens and all your outdoor spaces.

A professional landscape lighting system brings homeowners a return on their landscape investment. We offer limitless choices of fixtures and designs that let you create the mood and atmosphere you want for your property.  These energy efficient systems run on 12V and require very little additional energy while providing beauty and safety to your home.

Transformers come in a variety of sizes to match the number of fixtures in the systems, and varying quality of construction. Transformers can also be fitted with timers and photocells to conserve power.


The landscape lighting wire is simply direct-burial low-voltage wires sized to correctly carry the load from the transformer to the lamps. They can be installed either with a new landscape construction build, an irrigation system installation, or in an existing landscaped yard on their own.


The lamps are the final and most exciting part of the landscape lighting system. There are numerous types of lamps to accent your property. Path lamps are very decorative lamps that are seen both night and day. Because they are exposed and very much a part of your landscape decor, many customers enjoy picking the style and colour of path lamps themselves just as they would front door hardware, or trim in their homes. Up-lights are generally fairly hidden and are used to shine light from the base of a tree or shrub upwards inside the foliage to create a stunning nighttime effect. Down Lights are usually hidden from view under step overhangs or under wall capping. They shine down to the surface below to provide clear ground visibility. Lamps are available from many different manufacturers and come in a variety of different finishes, shapes, colours,
materials, and styles. At Groff Landscaping we can install fixtures to meet expectations for your outdoor space.






Discussing the specific needs and desires with you can help us give you great direction to both outdoor space expansion and indoor viewing. Ask about safety, utility, and what accents, plants or even stones are your favourites. In the process of designing a new lighting plan, we remember to include what can be seen from inside of the house. We also take into consideration bedrooms and ensure extra care not to put too much light into these areas.

Our projects also often include exciting features like:

  • Ponds

  • Green walls

  • Fire pits

  • Pathways

  • Seating areas

Landscape Lighting Has Three Main Components


12V Wiring


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